Tim Schellberg


Tim Schellberg is the Founder and President of GTH Consulting and serves as the General Manager of GTH DNA, a GTH Consulting Company. Tim provides business management and strategic direction to all GTH Consulting companies.

As General Manager of GTH DNA, Tim uses nearly 25 years of forensic DNA experience to manage a team of 17 people committed to advancing forensic DNA policies and projects globally. Tim is internationally recognized for his work in developing forensic DNA legislation and policy.  Tim has advised over 60 countries during their efforts to establish or expand national DNA database programs.  

Tim received his undergraduate degree from Washington State University in 1988 and his law degree from Seattle University in 1991. Upon graduating from law school, Tim served as a legal advisor and legislative liaison to the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. From 1994-2006, Tim was a partner at the law firm of Smith Alling, PS.  Tim continues to serve as a senior advisor to the Gordon Thomas Honeywell Government Relations firm, a GTH Consulting company.