Since 1999, GTH DNA has been known as the world’s foremost expert on forensic DNA database policy, law, and project development. Having advised crime labs, law enforcement, government officials, and the private sector in over 60 countries, GTH DNA is a trusted global partner. GTH DNA strives to provide highly-regarded professional services to advance effective and responsible forensic DNA programs.

Depending on the type of project, GTH DNA is typically sponsored by organizations in the private sector or government entities. With almost 25 years of international experience, GTH DNA is confident that its information, global network, and dynamic strategies can advance forensic DNA database policy and projects in any country.

At GTH DNA, our mission is to provide strategic advice and consultation to governments and law enforcement organizations throughout the world on the immense and unmistakable value forensic DNA programs and databases can bring to solving crime, protecting society’s most vulnerable, and exonerating the innocent. To accomplish this mission, we have assembled a highly-experienced global team dedicated to forensic DNA policy and project advancement.

We Advance Forensic DNA Projects

Our team has advised over 60 countries on forensic DNA databases and other DNA program issues.  Our breadth and depth of knowledge in forensic DNA enable us to conduct a detailed analysis and review and subsequently develop an overall strategy for an organization.

Leaders in Public Policy and Project Development

Since the inception of GTH DNA in 1999, we have advised and helped organizations to address all matters related to forensic DNA database policy, and regulatory and project development decisions.

Trusted Resource

For over two decades, GTH DNA has been a trusted forensic DNA program resource to governments around the world as well as the DNA industry.

Extraordinary Forensic DNA Network


GTH DNA has worked closely with hundreds of crime lab and forensic DNA leaders throughout the world. Through this impressive network, GTH DNA is uniquely positioned to connect stakeholders in pursuit of their common mission to develop strong and effective forensic DNA programs.