Kevin Mills

Director Latin America

Kevin Mills is a Senior Government Affairs Consultant based in Bogota, Colombia. He represents clients in the Latin America region where he focuses on market development, advocacy services and strategic relationships. He has extensive experience in national and regional public affairs initiatives and managing diplomatic, law enforcement and government relationships to achieve legislative and policy changes.

Kevin joins the firm after three decades working for British law enforcement, both in the UK and many overseas positions, including as a Regional Director for Latin America. More recently he has acted as a Senior Consultant for the Pan American Development Foundation in Washington D.C. He has worked with political, justice, police, intelligence, military, and NGO leaders throughout Latin America for the last 15 years and partnered with US and European government and federal agencies on many complex regional cooperation programs.

Throughout his career Kevin has led and mentored others in many serious and organized crime strategies and techniques including the use of forensic, digital, and covert technologies. In 1997 he received a national police bravery award and has been decorated since with eleven UK and foreign exemplary police service medals.

Kevin was born and raised in the UK where he obtained his bachelor´s degree in Criminology and a post graduate diploma in International Criminal Justice. He also has a post graduate diploma in Public Policy Management from AIPM in Sydney, Australia.