Tania Montoya

El Salvador Country Manager

Tania Beatriz Montoya de Amaya provides government relations, public affairs, and legal advisor services for the firm’s clients in El Salvador. Since joining GTH, Tania has advanced various public sector initiatives in El Salvador and in broader regional efforts throughout Central America.

Prior to joining GTH, Ms. Montoya worked as a highly regarded Salvadoran attorney for nearly 30 years, first as a staff prosecutor and later as a division chief within the Attorney General’s Office in San Miguel. She has worked in civil, tax, and commercial areas of the law, representing clients in administrative and judicial proceedings for nearly a decade.

Ms. Montoya has worked for international cooperation programs financed by USAID, the US State Department, and the United Nations Development Program. Her work under these organizations has included leading efforts to strengthen Central American forensic capacities, improving juvenile justice response, and leading grassroots efforts to organize within the LGBTI community. She has written books and articles about many criminal justice topics.

Tania has worked internationally throughout her career, managing initiatives in Guatemala, Panama, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Paraguay. Her extensive network throughout Latin America, especially in El Salvador, has contributed to her expertise in government and public relations. Ms. Montoya is based in San Salvador, El Salvador.